A major focus of the Infrastructure Funding Alliance is to solve the puzzle of the American economy[1] through transforming how we invest in infrastructure. The following four points summarize the problems and point to solutions:

  1. Infrastructure, economic development, and improvements in our communities create wealth and benefits, but we don’t capture those benefits to reinvest in the development of solutions;
  2. Infrastructure systems in our logistics supply chain regions that link businesses, producers, consumers, and exporters do not have the governance or financing structure to bring growth and economic development to the underserved populations in America, stifling job creation and growth;
  3. Financial capital exists that could accomplish the task in our supply chain regions – private, pension, and insurance – but there is no structure to capture funding streams to pay back investors; and
  4. There have been experiments and innovations in the country which, if used in a new partnership – Public or Project Funding Authorities (PFA) – could create the investment structure to solve this challenge.

We have learned through our prior work that most governmental and private sector potential beneficiaries of these innovative financial tools, as exemplified by California’s Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts, lack the institutional capacity to initially understand how to best evaluate and then implement these much-needed solution platforms. This is where the Infrastructure Funding Alliance can make a difference.

[1] Pisano, Mark A. 2017. The puzzle of the American economy: how changing demographics will affect our future and influence our politics. Preager: Santa Barbara



The Infrastructure Funding Alliance is a national initiative to meet our future infrastructure, economic development, and environmental challenges. Our mission is to develop and advocate approaches and strategies that motivate government at all levels to implement environmentally and fiscally sustainable infrastructure projects.

The Alliance envisions a future in which governments provide and maintain the infrastructure necessary for economic, social, and environmental well-being.



The funding required for repairing and replacing infrastructure, redeveloping our communities, and for maintaining and restoring our environment vastly outstrip our traditional public financing capacity. There is a great need at all levels of government to successfully deploy viable, innovative financial tools which can bridge the gap. In order to implement these innovative financial tools, in 2017 the Board of Directors approved three goals:

  1. Showcase the value of alliances and brokered strategies in creating opportunities for all organizations interested in transforming our infrastructure.
  2. Promote the implementation of projects that utilize innovative financial tools for infrastructure, for example California’s Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts.
  3. Research, educate and mobilize leaders about the new paradigm of individual empowerment that pays for wealth creation and beneficial uses in our globalized economy that is decentralized, diversified, and distributive (3-D).

Our challenge is to meet each of these goals by investing in our people and our future.